Monday, March 14, 2016

Menu Monday 3/14/16

Here is my menu for the week of
3/14 - 3/20

MONDAY:  3/14
Breakfast:  Oatmeal
Lunch:  Perogie and cabbage
Supper:  Chicken/Broccoli Alfredo, Applesauce

TUESDAY:  3/15
B:  Scrambled Eggs and chicken sausage, toast
L:  Tomato Soup  
S:  Left-over Alfredo

B:  Overnight Oats
L:  Homemade chicken soup from freezer
D:  Meatloaf, potato and vegetable (from pantry or freezer)

B:  Waffle and egg
L:  Almond butter and banana sandwich
D:  Braised chicken breast, leftover potato and veg.

FRIDAY:  3/18
B:  Overnight Oats
L:  Fresh fruit and yogurt
D:  Left-over meatloaf

B:  Pancakes
L:  Chicken Soup 
D:  Pizza  

SUNDAY:  3/20
B:  Eggs on toast
L:  Pizza
D:  Clean out fridge leftovers

This only thing I have to buy this week are some organic bananas, and some other fresh fruits and maybe some sherbet.
What are you having this week??
Leave me a comment : ))



  1. YOu go girl! Chipping away at that food stash!

  2. We don't do well at meal planning. Schedules change around here. Some travel comes up unexpectedly so the best laid plans fall apart.
    It sure would be a healthier way to eat.


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