Monday, March 7, 2016

50 Things You Maybe Didn't Know About Me!

1.   I colored my hair blond from when I was in my 20's till just last year.
2.   I lost my right eye in a golfing accident when I was in my early 40's and have a prothesis.
3.   I love building fires in my fireplace.
4.   I secretly would love to try living in one of those tiny houses.
5.   I want more chickens.  I'm getting more chickens!
6.   I was not a good wife for many reasons.
7.   I want to learn to speak with an English accent but so far haven't mastered it.
8.   I love hanging clothes to dry out on the clothesline.
9.   I can't even lift 40 lbs. any more.
10.  I believe old farm houses should be white with dark shutters.
11.  I wear long underwear from Oct. till May.
12.  All seats seem to have gotten lower.
13.  I have always bitten my fingernails.
14.  I sucked my thumb till the first grade.  (Probably relates to #13!)
15.  I got a curly perm when I was in my 30's and looked like a sheep.
16.  I'm an introvert.
17.  I don't feel comfortable in crowds or large gatherings, like parties etc.
18.  I've saved years of "Country Living" magazines.
19.  I can't kill a mouse, not even with a trap.
20.  I had an antique shop for 15 years called "Woods & Goods".
21.  I've never lived on a written budget till now.
22.  I hate the wind.  (And so does my dog Dexter.)
23.  My favorite movie is "You've Got Mail" and have watched it at least a dozen times.
24.  I like primitive style antiques the most.
25.  I am addicted to sugar.
26.  I love picket fences.
27.  My favorite salty snacks are pretzels.
28.  I don't like pop except for root beer.
29.  One of the first things I wanted when we moved to the country was a swing hanging from the              Oak tree.
30.  I love not having close neighbors.
31.  I don't think I could ever sleep in the winter without my electric blanket.
32.  I'm a morning person.
33.  I've always had dogs except when in college.
34.  I have panic attacks.
35.  My first paying job in high school was setting type for street signs in Erie, PA.
36.  I was a tom-boy when I was young.
37.  My mother said my first word was "sorky" which meant horsey.
38.  I like routine.  More-so since I've gotten older.
39.  I'm afraid to fly and won't fly anymore.
40.  I wish I had visited England.
41.  I am uncomfortable leaving "my world" which includes Medina, my kids houses and the barn.
42.  I see a psychologist ever couple weeks and have for years.
43.  I'm a Taurus but don't believe in astrology.
44.  I love getting massages and foot reflexology.
45.  I take pretzels up to bed for a snack.
46.  My favorite comfort meal is meatloaf, a baked potato and creamed corn.
47.  I had a crush on Tab Hunter when I was young.
48.  I made pot holders on a little loom when I was little and sold them around the neighborhood.
49.  I took piano lessons for over 10 years.  However now I can't play!
50.  When I was little, I stole flowers out of Mr. Lichtenwalder's garden and sold them.  My parents          found out and I had to go tell him and give him the 25 cents!

There!!  Some of my true confessions!!



  1. Amazing how we are similiar in so many ways. I wish I was your not too close neighbor! ha

  2. I like reading about people. We have similarities. #25 for sure.

  3. You forgot to mention you were on a record playing piano AND you made your own beautiful jeweled belly dancer outfit and were a belly dancer for a while.... you're welcome! : )

    1. Michele is my daughter : )) Those things are on my second "50 Things" that I have already started. Look for it in the future : )

  4. I have a lot in common with you! That was very interesting! :)


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