Saturday, October 29, 2011

Mellow Yellow Mosaic

Yellow, Yellow, Yellow

Here's some sunny yellow things from this past year.
Yellow is a wonderful spirit lifter on those cold rainy days!

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Try to have a sunny day!!

Hanging Onto Fall

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I love fall and I'm trying to be outside as much as weather permits. All signs are pointing to an early and bad winter. It is turning cold and we've had a lot of rain the past couple weeks. But today was really nice. We've had a frost so I'm hoping for an Indian Summer!!

I really feel for the people on the east coast and all that snow. It's way too early for that big snow storm!!!
These photos are from in my front yard.

Rerun of my First Tablescape

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This was my first tablescape ever in June of 2009. I made one big boo-boo. I forgot any silverware!!!
And it was pretty darn plain but live and learn.

First I would like to thank Susan for hosting this wonderful "party" of Tablescaping. Please visit her inspiring site at
I'm starting my tablescaping adventure with a dinner outside on the deck with my sister who was visiting. I believe she probably thinks I'm a little demented for taking on more hobbies. I didn't see all my mistakes till I was loading these photos! Where the heck is the silverware??
All the dishes in this setting were bought at Goodwill for a song. Place-mats from Walmart.

Love these little bird S & P; I found them at Target.

Dinner outside on the deck.

This lovely teapot I found at Marshalls

Have a Happy Sunday everyone!
I also learned how to make my photos bigger later on in my blogging career!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New Pasta Bowl

I found this at GoodWill yesterday for $2.00. It's about 11 inches in diameter at the rim. It will be perfect for pasta.

That's all I found except a couple winter turtlenecks to wear to the barn this winter. It was kind of slim pickin's yesterday!

Today I bought 10 lbs. of apples because I want to make some slow cooker applesauce. I got the recipe on line and will share it when I make it. I spent half the evening looking for my apple peeler but I found it and now I'm ready!
Monk was following me the whole time I was looking for it. I wonder what he was thinking?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I saw this on FB today and think it's a very good and inspirational thought.


Monday, October 24, 2011

Animal Mosaics

Here is a collection of all my animals (at present). Two cats, two dogs and three horses.

Squeaker and Miss Ellie

Rocky and Monk

Echo, Satire and Preacher

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Friday, October 21, 2011

BarBQ Steak in a Crock Pot

When you are done here, visit Food Friday for tons of great recipes.

BarBQ Steak in the Crock Pot!

I had gotten this thick piece of sirloin tip steak on sale and had to do something with it.
My first thought lately is always the slow cooker!
So I plunked it in there on top of some cut up onions and poured some Hickory Smoke BarBQ sauce over it, turned it on low and left for the barn.

The house smelled wonderful when I returned home!

I made some delicious mashed potatoes whipped with butter, a little milk and a TBSP of plain yogurt. Yummmmm. I love potatoes no matter how you fix them!

An easy great meal!

Oh yes, Monk is waiting for me to get done. Rocky is on the other side of me but wouldn't hold still enough for a picture!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Monk Got His BIG Shot!

On Tuesday Monk went into the vet to have his first injections to hopefully rid him of the heart worms. It was done in the morning and he stayed all day at the vet.
This is a picture of the injection sites. It's a long needle and goes deep into the lumbar muscle. (OUCH)
Yesterday he was a little sore but seems better today. He has to stay really quiet and inactive now for a month. The problem being that when the worms die and break off, since they are in the heart and vessels, they go into the bloodstream and can act as clots causing numerous dangerous problems.
He gets one more two day treatment in 4-6 weeks and hopefully that will kill any remaining worms.
If dog owners realized how terrible this treatment was for the dog, they would use the simple heart worm preventative once a month!!

Please say a prayer for Monk that he does well through the treatment.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Today (10/16)

First I want to say that things are good right now with the horses. Both Satire and Preacher are doing fine.

I thought I'd just put on couple things about today.
This is Monk getting ready to go with me to the barn. He loves going in the car.
Little did he know he was going to get a bath! The lady where we have our horses is also a dog groomer. Monk is a size that I can't do in my bathtub!!
He behaved really well. I would've liked to take pictures during the process but I was helping out and couldn't. He looks and smells really pretty now!

Here's what I had for my supper tonight. Yesterday I made a pork roast in the slow cooker. I rubbed it with Dijon mustard and sprinkled it with ginger and cloves and then used cranberry juice for the liquid. It cooked the entire day and was fall-apart tender when done.
It smelled wonderful while cooking and is really really good!

A Couple Recommendations

Once in awhile I run across something that I really like. I've been on the search, it seems, my whole life for a lipstick that really stays on like it says it does. I finally found one! And it's not expensive!
It's by Maybelline.
It's a two step process. You apply the color first let it dry for about 30 sec. then put the gloss over top. Then it's comfortable and not sticky at all.
It stays on till you take it off with make-up remover!!
I have 4 shades and plan on getting one more.

Another thing I love are these Milano cookies by Pepperidge Farm. The double chocolate!
They have twice the dark chocolate in the middle and are delicious!!
Hmmmmm, dark chocolate . . . I think they're good for me : ))

Monday, October 10, 2011

More Preacher Problems!!

I don't know how much more I can take!!
Today Preacher wasn't acting right when I brought him into the arena. Real sluggish and just didn't feel well. His temp turned out to be 102.8. I put him in his stall and called the vet. (AGAIN!!!!)
It could be a couple things but his temp was down to 101.2 by the time the vet left. She did a CBC which will be back tomorrow. No it's not his cut, that looks wonderful. Could be a reaction from his tetanus booster or a colitis caused by the antibiotics which she gave us some probiotics for him for. Or who knows what! I also gave him some Banamine for the temp.
I surrender!!! I've had enough! Please Lord bring good health to this barn!!!!
I'm stressed out, tapped out and burned out!

Monk goes in for his first heart worm shot next Tuesday. And that's a whole other can of worms to worry about!!

P.S. 10/11
Preacher is feeling his old self today and has a normal temp. His blood work also came back normal. The temp. spike could've just been from the tetanus booster, like kids sometimes get.
I'm very relieved!!!!
Thank you Jesus and to all of you for your kind thoughts.


Sunday, October 9, 2011

It's Always Something!

The horses got a big treat that arrived yesterday. A big round bale of hay!!
Everyone is back there munching away!

When I brought Preacher in to play with Satire in the arena, this is what I found. He had somehow cut his face right below his left eye on something! Maybe the fence rail, who knows!
The cut was deep and I called the vet. Of course it's Sunday! Everything happens on the weekend!

He got 7 stitches. He's still quite sleepy here from the sedation.
Now he's on antibiotics for 5 days.

Satire is keeping watch through the door : ))

Friday, October 7, 2011

Monk and His Treatment

Monk was seen by my vet yesterday, examined and determined that he is a candidate for the heart worm treatment. I will probably choose to go with the slightly more conservative treatment of 3 injections instead of 2 as it will be easier on him but will just require a longer rest period of two months instead of one. He isn't exactly a really active dog anyway and can be on house rest. They just aren't suppose to run around. We'll probably start next week so say a little prayer that he doesn't get too sick with this. I just got him to start eating!!
He gained 3 lbs by the way : ))


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Thank You Steve

As I sit here and type this blog on my Apple Macintosh, I have very sad thoughts about Steve Jobs losing his battle with pancreatic cancer this afternoon. He sure put up a good fight.
My very first computer, believe it or not, was an Atari!!! (That was back in archaic times!!)
After that a friend of ours talked us into getting the first little black and white Macintosh and I've never looked back. I don't know how many I've had but I've tried to keep up. Let me tell you that they've all been very good experiences. I have always felt this computer system was the cutting edge and we all have Steve Jobs to thank for that.
I didn't know him but I will personally miss him.


Monday, October 3, 2011

Everyday Things

My sister makes cards and this is the beautiful one she sent me for fall.



Since I'm having to cook for Monk . . . . every time he smells something cooking in the kitchen he comes in and lays on the floor right where I am. He is so huge that it makes it difficult to get around the kitchen!!

But he is eating good now and I am up to putting half kibbles in his food : ))

See . . . clean platter!!

Then it's nap time.

Rocky doesn't mind all this cooking for his big brother because he gets to like the pans!!
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