Monday, October 3, 2011

Everyday Things

My sister makes cards and this is the beautiful one she sent me for fall.



Since I'm having to cook for Monk . . . . every time he smells something cooking in the kitchen he comes in and lays on the floor right where I am. He is so huge that it makes it difficult to get around the kitchen!!

But he is eating good now and I am up to putting half kibbles in his food : ))

See . . . clean platter!!

Then it's nap time.

Rocky doesn't mind all this cooking for his big brother because he gets to like the pans!!


  1. I love that face. Smoochie. Miss our old St. from years ago. Don't miss the spit rockets that used to fly across the room when he shook his head though. Lol.
    I always enjoy the cards you show. She is very talented and has a good eye for design.

  2. Can you stand that face? LOL That's just precious. I also love the cards. I have wanted to make my own cards but never have.


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