Sunday, October 9, 2011

It's Always Something!

The horses got a big treat that arrived yesterday. A big round bale of hay!!
Everyone is back there munching away!

When I brought Preacher in to play with Satire in the arena, this is what I found. He had somehow cut his face right below his left eye on something! Maybe the fence rail, who knows!
The cut was deep and I called the vet. Of course it's Sunday! Everything happens on the weekend!

He got 7 stitches. He's still quite sleepy here from the sedation.
Now he's on antibiotics for 5 days.

Satire is keeping watch through the door : ))


  1. Oh, poor Preacher. He's just gonna have rugged handsome looks now! Give him a hug from me :o)

  2. Poor Preach! Satire will keep an eye on him so he gets better! I LOVE that pic of Satire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Being entrusted with the care of animals will teach you one thing for sure....they will always need veterinary care on a weekend or at 3 am.
    I hope that is it for a while.
    Who would think hay was so appetizing. Horses and cows I guess.


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