Saturday, April 28, 2012

Out in the New Pasture

The horses were started to be weaned onto grass in the big pastures about two weeks ago.  They are now allowed to come and go from paddocks to pasture.  When they first go out they all run way, way to the back and sort of work themselves forward I think.

Preacher and Echo are in a herd with about 4-5 other horses and all seems very friendly.

There's a little creek that runs there between the one paddock and the pasture.  (All fenced off of course.)

There's farm land all around and it's very quiet and serene.  The line of trees are just starting to get leaves so there will be shade in the summer.

Preacher and Echo, happily munching.

I think Preacher was afraid I was going to take him in.
Both my horses have already put on some weight.
The farrier came yesterday.  I should've snuck a picture but I didn't.  They both stood very quietly.  What good boys!
Tomorrow Michele and I are riding.


Friday, April 27, 2012

Coop is Done, sort-of.

My in-the-garage chicken coop is done and my carpenter has left the area.  I bet I have the strongest coop out there!!!!  There's locks on everything that opens and it's double walled and insulated.
I now have to clean up the garage and pen area and pick a color to paint it.  What color do you think???  I'm thinking a soft sage green with white trim.  My sister thinks I should paint it a barn red with white trim.  No one will really see it except me most of the time.  The inside I'll paint white.
Total cost under $500.

Here's the nesting boxes outside the coop for easy egg collecting.

I wanted these natural limbs for roosts.

Nesting boxes have a removable board in front for easy cleaning.

The ramp must have been made from some boards he had because wow, that would support some hefty chickens!!!  : ))
The pen has three foot high hardware wire around it and the top is all closed in and secured now.
If it ever warms up again I can start painting!
My chicks will arrive the middle of May.
I have to get my brooder set up.
I may not get eggs from these chickens till late fall or maybe not till next Spring!!
(Note to self:  Order chicks much earlier!)


My Sister Sue

I took my sister half way home yesterday.  We meet my brother-in-law at a Waffle House halfway between here and Erie and have breakfast.  (Our drop off and pick up point  : ))  That way Bob doesn't have to drive all the way here each time.  In June I'll be going to Erie to see my niece's daughter, Morgan, in a dance recital.  I've never seen her dance and I hear she is really, really good.  She will be 15 years old and taken dance since she was little.  

I realized that the whole two weeks that Sue was here, I never took any photos so here is a couple I snapped when we were at Starbucks.  (She's going to kill me!)  I should've had someone take a picture of both of us!

I love having my sister visit because we do different things than I normally do.  Like shopping and eating out!  Plus we rub backs every night before bedtime.  That was particularly good this time as my back has been really bothering me.  I think I need a chiropractor. 
She came with me to the barn almost every time I went as there is a nice place for her to sit and read while I do my horsey things  : ))  She's never been a horse person like me and my daughter.  When we were young, she played with dolls and I pretended I was a horse and cantered everywhere!
I'm very lucky to have a close relationship with my sister.  I wish my daughter and my son were closer. Maybe they will be as they grow older.


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Horses and Shopping

My sister is visiting for a couple weeks and we've been busy shopping, (of course).  So I've been a little lax with my blogging!  Then when I come on here, they've completely changed the posting page!  Kinda threw me there for a minute!  But I guess I like it so far.

I have been visiting my horses of course and rode Echo in the arena a few days ago for the first time here in the new environment.  They have settled in nicely and have settled in with the herd.
Echo got his little evaluation with Sarah, the trainer and I'm sure she saw lots of things to "tune up".
I'm looking forward to that.
Preacher at lunch

They are much calmer, they are almost shed out and their coats are getting really shiny. 
Echo with his lunch hay

Today my sister and I are going over to visit my son and Linda and my grandkids.
I will try to be better at my blogging!!!

I do really like the ease of putting big pictures on here now.  Thumbs up to that improvement!!


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

NEOAHA Barn Tour 2012

Freedom Farm, in Ravenna, OH, is the headquarters for the North East Ohio Arabian Horse Association that sponsored this barn tour.
This is their beautiful barn full of gorgeous arabians!!
My daughter, Michele, was the photographer for the tour. You can see all the photos on her website. Here is a link to the gallery:

There are other beautiful barns and horses on the tour and some demonstrations with the horses. So take a look. Click on the first photo in the gallery and click on slideshow.
It was a beautiful sunny day and a lot of people. (Two tour busses full!)
They also served us breakfast and lunch.
A fun day!


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Echo and Preacher

I went to the barn yesterday and my horses were in one of the paddocks behind the barn.
They aren't integrated into the herd yet. That will begin this next week. Looks like they're interested!

Then it's back to eating. It was a beautiful cool day yesterday. Just like they like.
They're shedding like crazy!
My two have become very "buddy sour" since being in the last barn and being stalled next to each other. I didn't realize how much until we took Echo into the arena the other day and he wouldn't stop calling back to Preacher and he was wild!! He wanted to get back! He nearly ran me down a couple of times!!
Help Sarah!


Dinner on Easter

Easter dinner.
Just our little family. My son and Linda, my daughter-in-law, my grand-children, Ava and Jack, and Michele and me.
A delicious meal of ham, sweet potato casserole, green peas, ravioli and ambrosia salad.
For desert there was carrot cake.

Jack loves to be read to.

Ava was coloring a picture for me.

AaaHaa, I think Michele was lifting some of the kids candy!!
Hope you had a happy Easter too.

Sunday, April 8, 2012


"Happy Easter Everyone."
I'm going to have dinner with my son and his family.

I made up these these little Easter baskets for Ava and Jack.

But the real meaning of Easter is the celebration that He is Risen.


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Movin' On Up

We moved my horses to the new barn on Monday. The trailering went fairly smoothly and we are now happily at this great facility. The horses settled in nicely and we took them over to see the arena the next day. You can tell that they love this footing!!!
Happy Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Handmade Easter Card

My sister, (the card maker), sent me a beautiful handmade Easter card.

Happy Easter Everyone.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Guess Where I Am??

I play this "game" with my sister when I'm out and about so I guess I'll let you all in on the guessing.
I'll start with an easy one.
Guess where I am??

Tune in tomorrow to see if you're right : ))
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