Friday, April 27, 2012

My Sister Sue

I took my sister half way home yesterday.  We meet my brother-in-law at a Waffle House halfway between here and Erie and have breakfast.  (Our drop off and pick up point  : ))  That way Bob doesn't have to drive all the way here each time.  In June I'll be going to Erie to see my niece's daughter, Morgan, in a dance recital.  I've never seen her dance and I hear she is really, really good.  She will be 15 years old and taken dance since she was little.  

I realized that the whole two weeks that Sue was here, I never took any photos so here is a couple I snapped when we were at Starbucks.  (She's going to kill me!)  I should've had someone take a picture of both of us!

I love having my sister visit because we do different things than I normally do.  Like shopping and eating out!  Plus we rub backs every night before bedtime.  That was particularly good this time as my back has been really bothering me.  I think I need a chiropractor. 
She came with me to the barn almost every time I went as there is a nice place for her to sit and read while I do my horsey things  : ))  She's never been a horse person like me and my daughter.  When we were young, she played with dolls and I pretended I was a horse and cantered everywhere!
I'm very lucky to have a close relationship with my sister.  I wish my daughter and my son were closer. Maybe they will be as they grow older.



  1. My sister and I are VERY close even though she's in FL and I in CT. My son & daughter became close as adults. Glad you had a good visit!..:)JP


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