Saturday, April 28, 2012

Out in the New Pasture

The horses were started to be weaned onto grass in the big pastures about two weeks ago.  They are now allowed to come and go from paddocks to pasture.  When they first go out they all run way, way to the back and sort of work themselves forward I think.

Preacher and Echo are in a herd with about 4-5 other horses and all seems very friendly.

There's a little creek that runs there between the one paddock and the pasture.  (All fenced off of course.)

There's farm land all around and it's very quiet and serene.  The line of trees are just starting to get leaves so there will be shade in the summer.

Preacher and Echo, happily munching.

I think Preacher was afraid I was going to take him in.
Both my horses have already put on some weight.
The farrier came yesterday.  I should've snuck a picture but I didn't.  They both stood very quietly.  What good boys!
Tomorrow Michele and I are riding.



  1. Have fun tomorrow! All the horsies are just so happy! :)


  2. They do look so content and adjusted, Shirley! Enjoy, yet be careful, riding and don't overdue it...:)JP


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