Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Echo and Preacher

I went to the barn yesterday and my horses were in one of the paddocks behind the barn.
They aren't integrated into the herd yet. That will begin this next week. Looks like they're interested!

Then it's back to eating. It was a beautiful cool day yesterday. Just like they like.
They're shedding like crazy!
My two have become very "buddy sour" since being in the last barn and being stalled next to each other. I didn't realize how much until we took Echo into the arena the other day and he wouldn't stop calling back to Preacher and he was wild!! He wanted to get back! He nearly ran me down a couple of times!!
Help Sarah!



  1. This looks like a much better place than they were at before, but I don't understand the term buddy sour. Did he want to be with Preacher or not want to be with him? Will it make it harder on them to get along with the others and are they next to each other now? You always took them out together in the other arena, didn't you? Echo might have been afraid he was being taken away to another place without Preacher.
    Did Monk ever get that collar off? Did his wounds heal?

  2. Hi, Shirley,
    Thank you for your sweet comment about Mom. Knowing she is with God is the only way I'm handling this.
    Your pictures are beautiful. I didn't know it would take "adjustments" for the horses. They have a beautiful place to live now. :)


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