Friday, April 27, 2012

Coop is Done, sort-of.

My in-the-garage chicken coop is done and my carpenter has left the area.  I bet I have the strongest coop out there!!!!  There's locks on everything that opens and it's double walled and insulated.
I now have to clean up the garage and pen area and pick a color to paint it.  What color do you think???  I'm thinking a soft sage green with white trim.  My sister thinks I should paint it a barn red with white trim.  No one will really see it except me most of the time.  The inside I'll paint white.
Total cost under $500.

Here's the nesting boxes outside the coop for easy egg collecting.

I wanted these natural limbs for roosts.

Nesting boxes have a removable board in front for easy cleaning.

The ramp must have been made from some boards he had because wow, that would support some hefty chickens!!!  : ))
The pen has three foot high hardware wire around it and the top is all closed in and secured now.
If it ever warms up again I can start painting!
My chicks will arrive the middle of May.
I have to get my brooder set up.
I may not get eggs from these chickens till late fall or maybe not till next Spring!!
(Note to self:  Order chicks much earlier!)



  1. Sigh, perfect Shirley - I'm so jealous!
    Rose H

  2. Oh it looks wonderful and before I read your sage green pick, I pictured it that color...soothing to the eye, warm, natural...:)JP

  3. Wow :) Now THAT is one high class chicken coop!


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