Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Echo and His Vaccines

I hate spring and fall as far as the horses being vaccinated.
Preacher just shows that he doesn't feel his best afterwards but Echo has coliced 3 times. 
Once was severe and the vet had to come back a couple times and finally tubed him and gave him the oil treatment.  Last fall he reacted too, sweating, and rolling and was tubed again.
So you can see why I get nervous.  I even hate the word "colic"!
Last fall we thought it was the rabies vaccine but he doesn't get that in the spring.
The vet is dividing the doses this spring plus giving him some Banamine and he got the first today.  I got there within an hour and he seemed fine.  However at about 2 hours he had a somewhat mild reaction in his stall.  He kicked the stall a few times and rolled.  He never got sweaty though.  They took him over to the arena with his "brother" Preacher and let them run and roam about in there.
He seemed much better after that as you can see in the photos!

Is this the drive-in window?
Carrots please!

OK, Preacher, the window is closed.
Time to go back to your stalls for your hay.
I've gotten no calls the rest of today, so Echo is fine.
I'm so fortunate to be at the best barn ever and Sarah and crew watch the horses so carefully and know exactly what to do.

Next week he gets his second half of the vaccines.
And I'll have to be a nervous mother all over again!!
But that's me!


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Outside Today

I'm usually greeted each morning with a couple eggs from the girls, then more in the afternoon.
I love collecting eggs!

I threw some fresh dirt and compost into the chicken run today.
They didn't waste any time scratching and pecking through it.

Pepsi is never far from the girls. 

Dexter is doing well with his fence training.  He will have such a good time when he can finally be off leash and really examine the property!

Looks like spring is here to stay!!
Thank goodness!!!


Friday, April 25, 2014

The Flags Are Up

And it is time for Dexter to start his Invisible Fence training.
The IF trainer was here to put the flags up and start Dexter.
He did really good, already backing off when he hears the tone.

He will only hear a tone for the first 5-6 days before the posts are uncovered and then if he doesn't listen to the tone warning he'll get a little buz!
I think he will be an easy one to train to this system.
I've trained 5 other dogs to this system and it really works.
I never had an escapee!

It was raining pretty good most of today so I only got a couple training sessions in with Dexter today.

Good Boy Dexter!!


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Getting Back To Normal!

On Easter Day, Michele, my daughter, and I went to the barn.
Michele wanted to ride and I thought I could see how it felt to try and get back on my horse. 
After my back problems and the surgeries on my belly during this winter, I haven't been on my horse since last fall.
Very depressing!!
It was a beautiful warm day in the 70's.
We groomed both Preacher and Echo.  They had, of course, rolled in the mud so that took us awhile.
Then we saddled up Echo and I got on in the arena.
I had no trouble getting on and just walked him around.  No bouncing and no posting.  Just a nice steady walk.
It felt fine and I wasn't overly sore that night.
Michele rode and trotted him for awhile.
It was a happy day!

Now that spring is finally here and the weather is getting warmer I hope to get to the barn a lot more often and work up to riding more again.
Even if it's just walking around, being on his back is good for my head!!


Monday, April 14, 2014

The Cat, The Chickens and the Excitement of Spring

This past weekend was our best weather yet!  It was mostly sunny and in the 70's!!!
That seems most wonderful after our horrible winter!
The chickens were out in the yard yesterday along with Pepsi, the friendly barn cat.  She gets along well with the girls and likes to be among them.  They seem to know she's no threat.

I had to adjust the chicken fence yesterday so the girls didn't eat or dig up my spring flowers!

It's silly, I know, but every year I run around and take photos of the spring growth popping up.  
This year I was even more anxious to see it all!

Day Lilies

Yes, even the dandelions!

Bleeding Heart

Lady's Mantle

 Jack Frost Blue Bells


Yes, I look at dandelions with much more love now that I have chickens!!
Free healthy greens and they love them!

We are supposed to have a big drop in temperature tonight and tomorrow but only for a couple days!
Maybe even some snow flakes!  Yikes!!
But I guess we can stand that, since the nice weather will return shortly!


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Chicken's First Day in the Big Yard

It is up in the 50's today and very sunny.  I tried to stand the fencing up as straight as I could but it's very muddy and won't hold very well.  Good enough though.
The girls were very anxious to get out there.  Lots of good bugs and worms I'll bet.

I went out and sat down in a chair and they immediately came running!
They all want to be on my lap at once.  Martha was the first then it was Dottie for quite a long time of petting.  Lily is the only one that's not keen on lap sitting.

The breeze is still cool but the sun sure feels good!

It's hard to take pictures with chickens all over you!


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Nice Day for Chickens

The girls got to go out in the outer run today where they could dig more in the dirt and maybe find some worms and bugs and good stuff!

The girls laid pretty good most of the winter.  I'm getting 3-4 eggs a day now already.

Momma cat and daughter, Pepsi greeting each other.
It was a very pretty day today and almost 60 degrees.
It's supposed to rain with maybe even some thunder storms the next couple days!
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