Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Echo and His Vaccines

I hate spring and fall as far as the horses being vaccinated.
Preacher just shows that he doesn't feel his best afterwards but Echo has coliced 3 times. 
Once was severe and the vet had to come back a couple times and finally tubed him and gave him the oil treatment.  Last fall he reacted too, sweating, and rolling and was tubed again.
So you can see why I get nervous.  I even hate the word "colic"!
Last fall we thought it was the rabies vaccine but he doesn't get that in the spring.
The vet is dividing the doses this spring plus giving him some Banamine and he got the first today.  I got there within an hour and he seemed fine.  However at about 2 hours he had a somewhat mild reaction in his stall.  He kicked the stall a few times and rolled.  He never got sweaty though.  They took him over to the arena with his "brother" Preacher and let them run and roam about in there.
He seemed much better after that as you can see in the photos!

Is this the drive-in window?
Carrots please!

OK, Preacher, the window is closed.
Time to go back to your stalls for your hay.
I've gotten no calls the rest of today, so Echo is fine.
I'm so fortunate to be at the best barn ever and Sarah and crew watch the horses so carefully and know exactly what to do.

Next week he gets his second half of the vaccines.
And I'll have to be a nervous mother all over again!!
But that's me!



  1. He has the best care as you know. He . Will be watched carefully next week too.


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