Monday, April 14, 2014

The Cat, The Chickens and the Excitement of Spring

This past weekend was our best weather yet!  It was mostly sunny and in the 70's!!!
That seems most wonderful after our horrible winter!
The chickens were out in the yard yesterday along with Pepsi, the friendly barn cat.  She gets along well with the girls and likes to be among them.  They seem to know she's no threat.

I had to adjust the chicken fence yesterday so the girls didn't eat or dig up my spring flowers!

It's silly, I know, but every year I run around and take photos of the spring growth popping up.  
This year I was even more anxious to see it all!

Day Lilies

Yes, even the dandelions!

Bleeding Heart

Lady's Mantle

 Jack Frost Blue Bells


Yes, I look at dandelions with much more love now that I have chickens!!
Free healthy greens and they love them!

We are supposed to have a big drop in temperature tonight and tomorrow but only for a couple days!
Maybe even some snow flakes!  Yikes!!
But I guess we can stand that, since the nice weather will return shortly!



  1. I too like the beginning of spring , you never know what will pop up from the ground.

  2. Love the fact the girls and your barn kitty get along!!! I spent two days walking around my yard and also relished in the new growth, Shirley. Cold coming here also...but not for long!!...:)JP

  3. Even though we have flowers all year long I still like to look around and see my Spring flowers popping up. So I know how you feel.
    Love the girls they look like they are having a grand time in the yard. Kitty is so pretty.
    Have a great week and hopefully the cold will be gone for good.


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