Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Dexter's Training and The Little Bird

Dexter has reached the part of his Invisible Fence training where I can drop the leash and let him drag it where ever he wants to go.  (with me following, of course)
He is doing really good and today he chased the cat to the fence line, got corrected by the fence and came right back to me in the yard.  Exactly what he's supposed to do.  
Other than the cat being the greatest distraction, and a strong one, he watches those flags carefully and doesn't go near them.
He is having a wonderful time exploring the yard.  This part lets him work out himself where his boundaries are and where his safe space is.

He heard a rustle in the leaves.

I'm sure he's thinking "Those darn #&@%$ flags!!!!"

Mommy, I think I found the chicken place!!

Today as I was sitting in the family room. I heard a bird fly into the window.  It was a hard hit and I went over to see if the bird was still alive.
He was blinking his eyes so I went out and picked him up.
A lot of times they are just stunned for awhile.

This is my finch feeders outside my family room window.  There's a lot of little finches that eat here!

It took him about 10 minutes to start to look around.

This is right before he flew away, back into the woods.
Good luck little birdie.  And watch where you're going!



  1. I'm glad Dexter is learning the rules, and those little birds are just a delight.


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