Friday, May 9, 2014

Martha!! Not Already!!

Yep, Martha has gone broody already!
Well, I guess it is spring and she must be thinking of babies!
At least her hormones are.

For two days I've had to go in and take her off the nest.
However she sneaks back in there and re-sits!
It looks like she's going to have to have some time out in the wire cage for a couple days.
I'd love to stick a couple baby chicks under her after she sits on some eggs for a few days but I really don't need more than the five hens I have.  It's a good number for me.

Yesterday I took her off the nest and put her in the yard with the other hens.  She squatted down for a few minutes but then started scratching and pecking.
Then she saw the rest had made a nice dust bath area!


  1. Aw! She would be so happy to have just 1 baby! :) I think she would be a good mother! hehehe

  2. Glad to see you finally got your chickens! I've not kept up on my blog, or reading others, but Angela sent me this link and I remember reading about your horses and the nice photos you took!!! I'm down to 6 hens now - French Marans. I have had as many as 16 - they can be addicting!!! Take care!


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