Thursday, May 22, 2014

A Good Handyman!

I found a wonderful handyman a couple years ago.  
He does things around my property that are too hard for me to do anymore.
(or things, I'd rather someone else do!)
This is really important this year since I am having such back problems and can't even do my gardening.  
Sometimes if I only have a few things, he comes by himself but if I have a list of things that require most of the day, he brings his wife and they work together.
He shoveled out my chicken run and put new shavings down, he cleaned out my chicken coop and put new shavings down.
Him and his wife completely weeded my front gardens and they were a JUNGLE!  They cleaned out my gutters too.  He gave my compost pile a good turning with my Mantis Tiller after getting it started for the first time this year.
They burned a big burn pile I had made, cleaned out my garage and even filled my bird feeders!!
There are still things to do but I will call him back in a couple weeks.
I am so fortunate to have found him.

This man is a head maintenance man in a large church in a nearby community.  His parents were missionaries, and he has done missionary work in the far east, in fact that is where he met his wife.
It's so important to have people around you that you can trust.
Like I say, I've been very fortunate.



  1. You are so lucky to have found help like this. Most people or companies only want the big jobs.

  2. You are lucky, as you get older some thing are just too hard to do.


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