Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Another Time

I actually really enjoy hanging wash out to dry on my backyard clothes line.  My daughter says I'm trying to be like "Little House On The Prairie".
She may be right actually!
I have a fondness for those times and actually love the TV series "The Waltons" also.
Those programs are truly about family values and what people accomplished with very little money.  The importance of having to work for every penny and how those values were instilled in their children.
So different from today.
There's a whole lot of lessons to be learned from watching those programs.
"Little  House" is set in the 1870-1880s in Walnut Grove in Minnesota and "The Waltons" was set in the depression of 1930-1940s on Spencer's mountain in Virginia.
Family meant everything then.

My dryer has a problem sometimes and blows a circuit when run with anything else.  Maybe I just have a bad circuit breaker but until that is fixed I plan on hanging all my wash outside.  It actually dries faster outside than in the dryer!  And look at the electricity I'm saving!
Plus there's just something wonderful about doing it.
At least for me.


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  1. I do miss my clothesline...clothes smell so good when outside!!!!...:)JP


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