Monday, May 12, 2014

Dexter's Big Accomplishment!

Remember I told you that Dexter could not go down stairs.  He could go up, no problem, but had to be carried down.  He was scared to even try.
Well, yesterday I accidentally left the upstairs door open and Dexter bounded upstairs.
I was by myself and I can't lift him so I though well, he's just going to have to work it out himself!
After about 15 minutes I went upstairs and he was laying on my bed!  No surprise!
I waited about a half hour and I heard some little whimpering and there he was at the top of the steps.

He realized I was downstairs and he was all by himself upstairs!!

I went up and down the steps a couple of times trying to show him it was ok.
I also opened the front door to the garden where he goes when he's out.
The steps lead down and then right across to the door.
Once I did that, he decided to try.
You could see the wheels in his brain turning!

I sat on a step about half way down till he got started.
(So it didn't seem so far!)

Once he got started he was set!
I had him do a few repeats yesterday and now he's a stairway pro!!
Good boy Dexter!!!



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