Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Barn Day

We decided to go visit the horses and visit with some friends at the barn yesterday.
We watched while Stephanie was working Tony the Pony with his carriage driving.
Tony is in for a few weeks for a tune-up for the summer season.
Michele got to do a little driving for the first time.  She seemed to be having a good time.

Tony the Pony is so cute.  He has a perfect heart marking on the middle of his forehead.
A great little carriage horse.
Maybe I should get me one of those!!

We can't forget treats!!!
First Preacher

Then Echo had to have his.
We groomed them both.
They need their springtime bath!!

Maybe next time.

It was a beautiful day.
Enjoyed the visit.



  1. Riding in the cart looks like such fun. I love horses but they do scare me a bit.

  2. Beautiful horses and Tony the Pony is so cute. Looks like fun to ride in the carriage.

  3. Being with Preacher and Echo as well as Tony had to bring smiles to your face, Shirley. It did mine!..:)JP


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