Sunday, June 1, 2014

A Walk Around The Yard

Yesterday I was done with what I was doing and it was a pretty time of the evening.  I took a walk around the yard to see what I could see.
I first peeked into the bluebird house because I know mamma blue bird is sitting on eggs and I wanted at least one look.
Their eggs are so beautiful.  I'll leave her alone now till the babies get a good size, then I'll take another picture.
It's pretty how she put those feathers off to the side!  Very nice decorating!

In another garden I went to turn over an old iron pot and guess who's been storing nuts under there!!
So I just left it.

I walked past the pet cemetery.  It is bad need of a good weeding!
And now I have just the place for those weeds!  The chickens!!

Nestled in the woods in the ivy are a couple little guys.

My storm cellar doors are in bad need of repair or replacement before someone or maybe even Dexter falls right through them!!
Someday I'll show you what's in there from the basement side.  I don't like to open the door as it's all webby and spidery in there!!!

The two knockout roses that I thought were dead were severely pruned back and now are showing good growth.  I guess that's what they needed!

As I decided a year ago that I was going to stop all chemical weed killers and fertilizers, of course I have a lot of healthy weeds, both in the gardens and in the lawn!
But the chickens are healthy and since they are fed organic food and free range in their yard in the back, the eggs are very healthy.
I plan on over seeding any bare spots with pasture grass.
Hey, when you mow it's all green so what's the difference.
Well, there's a big difference to our environment and I sure wouldn't want to eat the eggs from chickens grazing on treated yards!

I'll end this post with a beautiful site I saw in the garden just as the sun was getting low.

I hope you weren't too bored with my little walk.



  1. Not bored for a moment-- I enjoyed the walk through your garden, it's lovely! We don't use pesticides either, and our weeds are pretty healthy among the flowers. Our Eastern Phoebe is sitting on its eggs right now (the 2nd clutch) and I'm really trying to resist that urge to take a peek.

    I hope you've had a good weekend, and that it ends on a good note!

  2. That was a lovely little walk, those eggs are so pretty, looking forward to seeing the baby birds.
    I don't do any weeding now since the chicken moved in and all my snails are gone, she is good value but some plants are also good to eat so there have been problems.
    Merle................. .

  3. I love touring my yard daily too, Shirley...once in the morning and once before I come in for the day! Yours is a natural joy!...:)JP


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