Thursday, June 12, 2014

Busy Day On The Acre

Today was the day my driveway gravel was being delivered so I also scheduled my handyman to come.  I also decided to call a friend of mine who often helps me do things to help with raking the gravel.
Everything went smoothly and the truck driver that brought the stones laid it down with the truck so nicely that they just had to rake most of it to the sides.  

Of course there was a big pile that Kerry shoveled into a wheelbarrow and put where ever needed.
I had a big list as usual for Kerry so he was here all day and got everything accomplished.
Besides dealing with the stones in the driveway he cleaned out my gutters, trimmed some big tree branches for me and cut down a large dead rose bush, rototilled my little raised vegetable garden, (It's all ready for planting now.), washed my family room windows, power washed white fence, part of the house and garage and the moss off the garage roof, filled all the holes Dexter had dug!, transplanted some big ferns, unloaded 8 bags of mulch and put them where I'll cut them open later, dug out some huge 5 ft. weeds!, and hung my hammock!!
I think I wrote about him before but I'm very fortunate to have found such a great handyman!
He often brings his wife, like today, and she works right along with him.

Here's the raised bed.  All ready to plant.  It's kind of late but I can plant tomato plants and green beans for sure.

The burn pile is big but we can't burn now till fall as there are baby bluebirds in the bluebird house.

Here they are, just hatched a couple days ago.

I'm worn out!
It's tiring giving all those directions!!  : ))



  1. Shirley, that pic of Dex in your header!!! Now, they did a great job and you'll get good use out of that raised bed!...:)JP

  2. WOW, you sure were busy. Isn't it great when you get so much accomplished - I love it!
    Everything looks good at your farm and that Dexter - what a little ham.
    Have a great weekend Shirley - stop by and read Junk Chic Cottage's Spotlight - she Spotlighted me
    last Saturday.


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