Thursday, June 19, 2014

Dexter, the Chipmunk Slayer!

Yes, he's an English pointer.
A bird dog!

But today he finally got something that's been agitating him for months!
The dreaded chipmunk.

The poor chipmunk was probably at the wrong place at the wrong time.
But Dexter got him!
Poor little thing.
Thank goodness he didn't eat him.
But he carried him around for about half an hour, hanging from his mouth.
He tried to show the chickens; they didn't care.
He tried to show Pepsi the cat but she was indifferent. 
Heavens he even went over as close to the 17th green as he could to show some golfers.
He got no reaction.
He finally left it lay so I could get it and go bury the poor little thing.

Dexter, think pheasant and quail.
He probably never saw one.
I don't think Dexter was ever trained as a hunting dog!

One thing for sure, I think he would go after a loose chicken in a minute.
I have to be ever vigilant!



  1. My cats do that with mice, one exception they don't kill them but present them alive.


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