Sunday, June 29, 2014

Chickens, Dogs and Garden

Guess who's broody AGAIN!!!
Yes, Martha!
Martha, Martha, Martha.
I'd get her some day old chicks but it's already July and it's almost too late
because it will get cold when they are still young. 
I swear next spring if she does this again, I'll get her some babies!
She's got all the feathers plucked from her chest!!!!

I'm in NE Ohio, so if anyone knows what the latest time to raise baby chicks under a broody hen, let me know.

I let her out of the cage to go out in the yard with the other girls.  Then it's right back to the cage.  At least for another couple days.

She was dust bathing out there.

A beautiful morning in the chicken yard.

Since their run is mostly shady, they need to go out in the yard to get some sun.

My little garden is doing well!  I just staked my two tomato plants today.

Pepsi likes to lay in there on the warm soil.  She always comes over when I'm out there.

Pepsi lays on the table on the deck when the chairs are tilted like this.  I think she feels protected from Dexter chasing her.

Monk lays on the cool cement of the garage when he's not inside in the AC.

Dexter just heard something in the brick pile.  Yes, probably one of those pesky chipmunks.

I hope my dogs can read!!


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  1. Moon las on the patio blocks to stay cool or under the deck....Copper has now figured out that she is the smart one and now joins her!!! WOMAN POWER!!!!!...:)JP


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