Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Martha's Good To Go

Finally Martha's hormones cooled down and she has decided to join the flock again.  
So she's free of the cage!
That a girl Martha!

I gave the girls little curtains for their nesting boxes last year.  
I try to keep the tie backs on them.

But after a couple times of the hens nesting, they yank off the tie backs!
I guess they want more privacy in there boudoir!

I have a question for any chicken people out there.
How can you clean a chicken's dirty face!!
Really, Lily hasn't had a clean face since she was little.
She's an easter egger and they have tuffs of feathers each side of their beak.
I guess it's harder for her not to be such a mess!!
I've seen a lot of white chickens that are sparkling white.
Not Lily!!!



  1. Can you give her a bath? Guess that chickens don't like water. So glad that she is behaving herself.
    Have a Happy 4th of July, Shirley.

  2. LOL! Trying to keep the tie backs in place...too cute!!!...:)JP

  3. Our 4-H kids give their chickens a bath before the fair - they wash them in dish soap, towel and then blow dry them. How exactly they accomplish this, I do not know. :) Good Luck!

  4. Curtains in the hen house, I love it.


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