Monday, July 28, 2014

After the Rains

We had loads of rain last evening and during the night.
Still raining this morning but it seems to have stopped now.
The grass needed the rain and of course the gardens love it.

Laced cap hydrangea

The trouble with the great big ball hydrangea is the heads get so heavy with the rain that it all collapses.

The girls are not happy, they want out into the extended muddy run!!

Pepsi was sleeping in this basket this morning.

Well, someone really likes the rain!

Kermit has his own little swimming pool of rain water.
(that's just a piece of bark beside him in case you're wondering.)

OK, this was just a post on very ordinary things.  Well, some mornings I can't get my brain any more in gear than this!!


1 comment:

  1. Shirley, ordinary things ARE is what we chose to do with them that makes it fun!...:)JP


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