Sunday, July 27, 2014

Morning in the Garden

It is going to storm again I think so I went out and took some photos in the garden this morning.
Wandering around the front garden, I noticed that I have several tiny little toads that keep hopping out of my way.  They were too fast to get a picture of though.
I was very happy to see the first Monarch butterfly I've seen this year.  Also the bumble bees are really busy on my coneflowers too.
I'm hoping the monarch will notice the big milk weed plant I've saved just for her.
(*Correction, this is an Eastern tiger swallowtail butterfly)

In the back yard I lifted up a big plastic lid that had rain water in it and look who I found!!
My own little Kermit!!

And when I checked my vegetable garden, I found my first spaghetti squash is growing!


  1. We just had our first spaghetti squash this summer!!! The flowers look wonderful, Shirley!!...:)JP

  2. The frog is a real prince! :-) And your garden and your flowers are really lovely, reminding me of why I love this time of year!


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