Friday, May 23, 2014

I Needed Barn Time!

It's very depressing to have back pain that keeps you from doing everything you like to do!
It has disrupted my whole life!
(I know there's a lot of people out there in the same boat.)
I'm under treatment and am trying to do something about it but it all takes time.
In the mean time, there's the PAIN!

Anyway, I just needed to go be with my horses for awhile today and spend some time with the "barn people"!

When I got there, I caught Preacher napping.
So cute, his eyes were almost closed and he was about to drop his head all the way on the floor.

I tried to sneak in but he heard me, or rather he heard the treat bag!!

Up he popped!

Echo already had his nose stuck out.
Carrots and apples and Winnies Cookies.
They love them!

I went in and gave them both a big hug.
I'm sure it meant more to me than to them!
I just hope this back problem gets solved so I can do more with them!
Well, at least I know they are in a great barn and being well taken care of.  
Echo is also being used as a lesson horse so he is getting some work out.
Preacher is pretty much happily retired and gets to go out with his buddies everyday and just be a horse.



  1. I wish that your back heals quickly for you. It's terrible when you are in pain.
    Your horses looked like they were very happy to see you.

  2. Back pain is terrible. I fell down my stairs years ago. So every now and then I get back pain. Not as bad as yours I'm sure.. And the older I am getting the more it plays up. I hope you feel better soon. Horses can hear a treat from miles. My horses love their treats and come running from the back fields even before I open the gate.

  3. Beautiful horses. Carrots do the trick. Barn time is great therapy! Wishin' i had one. So very sorry about the back pain. I know it can cause a lot of trouble. I have to pace myself with back pain. Blessings to you and may you get to feeling better vey soon.


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