Friday, May 16, 2014

Dexter and His Chipmunk Quest

Dexter, an English Pointer, of course, is a bird dog.
However, they will point and hunt other things too if they are not trained just for pheasant or quail etc.
There in lies the problem.
Since Dexter is a rescue with no known history, we don't know if he was ever used for hunting.  
My suspicion is that he is from show bloodlines, not the hunting bloodlines.
It doesn't matter to me since I don't ever plan on going hunting!
Dexter points everything!
Back yard birds at the feeders, chickens, cats, squirrels and chipmunks.
(And anything else that moves)
Well, under my front bird feeder the little chipmunks feed too.
I'm sure they also live under my kitchen porch there.
That's where these pictures are taken.
Dexter started digging at a chipmunk hole.
Oh My!

He digs then waits to see if anything pops up!
I tries to explain to him that he's not a terrier and he's not supposed to be a digger!!

And the hole is so much bigger today!
He has to have his feet hosed off after each outside experience!!
Oh Dexter!!



  1. You could put bits of meat on areas where you want to dig and he will dig it all up for you, well it works with my chicken.

  2. LOL!!! Good job, Dex...Mommy does not need a rodent eating her plants!!!...:)JP

  3. Dexter is such a cutie. You seemed to have bonded with him and that is good - he is your true friend.
    Have a great weekend.


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