Thursday, March 31, 2016

My Budget and How It's Doing!!

Well . . . . . . .,
maybe not so well this past month!

I did somewhat better on my grocery budget, only going over $35.00.
(Well, that's better than in the past!)
I can do much better though.

The other things were unexpected expenses.
Things I should have accounted for but just forgot, like: 
Easter!!  Candy and presents for my grandkids!!
That made my misc. budget go over by $68.00.
The BeeGon annual spraying.  That made my house maintenance budget go over by $99.00
And the biggest amount was Pets!
I went over by $190. and I had to use a credit card for the brooder chicken hutch I bought!!
Well, April starts on Friday so it's a whole new month to do better!!
I just have to figure out how to allow for taxes!!


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