Sunday, July 18, 2010

I Try But . . . .

I Guess My Desk Will Never Be Neat!

Here is where I blog, where I do all my emailing and photo fixing and movie making.
I have straightened it up from time to time but it always ends up like this. I do know where everything is here though. That's more than I can say for the rest of the house.

There's my new phone. (The second handset) I had to get a new land phone because I LOST my other one!! I mean, doesn't it almost have to be here in the house somewhere?? I have not found it in 2 months! I thought I'd find it as soon as I got a new one but nope!!
See those little spoons? They are little sterling silver baby spoons that I plan on putting on eBay when I get a chance!
That cork coaster came from a restaurant in Chicago years ago (like 20) that my yet to be husband and I were in! I have a bunch of them.

Here's some bills I have to pay. I do my bill paying and banking on line. Also there's some old pictures of my Dad that I scanned and did a post on awhile back. I haven't put them away yet.

There's my computer glasses, my gratitude journal and by the keyboard is my Dad's old driver's license and my late husband's police identity card. Also a photo of Echo.

Above my computer is my dog . . . Rocky : ))

And next to me near the floor is my printer, scanner. I just printed out another recipe for "Beer Bread".
Now, you see where I am! Where are you??
Common . . . I love comments : ))

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  1. This looks a bit like mine, only cleaned up! I always seem to have a mess at my desk! But I have made a rel effort to keep it neat the last 10 days or far so good! I really do think it is better organized....but that is a bit oss for me! I lvoe you dog and Echo looks very pretty! :)


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