Sunday, July 4, 2010

THis Is A Summer Sunday 7-4

I'm joining in with everyone telling about their Summer Sundays.
See the list of participants at:

Happy Birthday America!

Good Morning everyone.

For me . . . Summer means that my garden is growing good.

My lettuce is beautiful.

My swiss chard is colorful and wonderful and nutritious in salads.

A garden friend comes to visit me. Well, it's Mr Toad.

He eats the bad bugs

And my garden is starting to produce!
That book shown is one of my favorites about the solitary life of Tasha Tudor. Her gardens were a wonderland and her house was a perfect reproduction of a 1700's house handmade by her son for her. She was a famous illustrator of children's books, some of which were "The Secret Garden" and "Wind In The Willows".
Have a wonderful day!


  1. Breakfast looks very patriotic. Happy 4th to you from Canada.
    How great to have a bug eater in the garden. Do they every eat the plants?
    Hey I see you won something from Michael Lee. Congrats.

  2. Such gorgeous images...that breakfast table looks so yummy!!! This is a lovely 4th of July post!!!

  3. Wonderful to see your Summer garden and your good friend toad! Sounds like you are enjoying Summer--Jacqueline

  4. Such a patriotic breakfast... Happy 4th from your Canadian neighbour!

  5. Happy 4th of July to you Shirley! Thank you for sharing your garden of goodness! The toad didn't give you the old story that he's really a prince and ask for a kiss, did he? I too admire Tasha Tudor and her way of life.


  6. Beautiful patriotic post, Shirley.

    Wish I had some of that lettuce...I would make wilted lettuce. I love it and it is always best with lettuce fresh from the garden.

    Happy 4th!

  7. Oh my gosh...I love Tasha Tudor too!

  8. Mr. Toad is so cute and you got such a good photo of him. I haven't tried chard, but I ate my first arugula today out of my garden. I had never tried it before and love. Isn't it great to get fresh produce. Hope you had a lovely 4th.

  9. Great breakfast scape! And that is some garden!

    Thanks so much for being a party of "Summer Sundays".

    - The Tablescaper

  10. Gardening is a new experience, and I love every bite that comes from it. Hope the toad didn't take too much with him.

  11. Iam not sure what she is refering to " bubble". If you are giving your family quality time and love , take time to have fun with the grandkids; that is not a '"bubble". You have found a niche in your life that you enjoy. Did not share if married or widow. But we have places we enjoy living, having our fun time.. I live with my husband, 1 dog, and i enjoy my home and beautiful garden. I try to spend time with my family. One set has 2 children, private school, she has to be the bus driver, sports, and her husband has times where work requires travel. So they are very busy and I understand. The other set lives 4 hrs. from us. Not easy to to see them all the time. but we get over when we can. So for me the time I have free I prefer doing the things that we / or even at times what I lilke to do . I pray you have put in your time slot , a church home, wm Bible Study group, and special time with the Lord. Try not keeping yourself so busy , you can not stop and just let life be life. It can be easy to exscape into anything if we had or are going through something . That there would be "bubble" also. Blessings


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