Friday, June 24, 2016

The Horse News!

Horse News
As some of you know, my daughter Michele has been searching for a horse.  She lost her beloved arab, Satire over 4 years ago.  It took her a long time to be ready to even start looking at other horses.
I'd say she's been seriously looking for the past 6-8 months.
It couldn't be just any arab, it had tall horse shoes to fill.
It didn't have to look like Satire or of course couldn't replace Satire but it had to be a horse she could comfortable ride without fear and the most important thing of all, she had to see something in it's personality to tell her that she would be able to bond with him and him with her.
She found a horse nearby that she was interested in.
She visited and rode him 3 times. and had our trainer come and give her thumbs up.
But most importantly, she spent a little time with him off line in the arena and saw what she wanted.
It was time to advance to the important pre-purchase vet exam.
This horse named, Adonis (a pure Arabian gelding), is 14 years old with an extensive and successful show career.
So a full exam with x-rays and blood work were done on Wednesday.
Everything looks extremely good.

Through this whole exam, which takes well over an hour, this horse had exquisite manners.
Soooooo, it looks like Michele finally is going to have a special horse in her life again.
All reports and blood work came back practically perfect.
Michele has announced it on Facebook so I can now introduce you to the new family member:
BR Adonis Afire V
Michele is a photographer and photographs equines among other subjects, so you know there will be tons of pictures on her website and her FB page!!
Here's a link to her website:



  1. Congratulations Michelle on getting Adonis! He is a very handsome fella! Good Luck with your new man!! :)
    And Shirley, Congratulations and Good Luck Grandma!! :)

  2. Thank you Mom...this is a lovely write up. : )


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