Thursday, June 23, 2016

The New Cat News!

I live in a house built in 1852.
It has a cellar (unlike new houses with finished basements!).
The walls in my cellar are made of huge boulders!
There is no way to really make the cellar mouse and chipmunk proof!
They can easily get in.
Luckily I'm not afraid of mice.
I lost my last mouser cat, Miss Ellie, almost 2 years ago.
So I have been intending on getting a house cat or two.
Yes, Pepsi could be an indoor cat but she's not the hunter.  Her mother, Angel (Mama cat) is the hunter.  Pepsi just lounges around and waits for mom to bring home a treat now and again!
Mama cat is still pretty feral.
She still won't let me pet her, so there was no getting her into the house.  
My girl friend from the barn, volunteers for Kitten Krazy, a cat rescue here in Medina.  So she took me over there while I picked out two.  (I nearly came home with THREE!!)
Let me introduce you:  I got one adult and one kitten.

This is Maddie

She's about 4 years old and recently had kittens.

This is Kia:

She's 12 weeks old, just a baby.
She's not one of Maddie's kittens but Maddie mothers her.

Kia is fascinated with the computer screen!

I'm introducing Dexter to the cats but once they stand up for themselves, which Maddie already did, there won't be a question as to who will be boss of the house.  Dexter is a real "chicken"!

So, there you have it, my new cats.

I'm still working on integrating the 6 poullets and the 2 hens.  That will take a little more finesse!

I'll let you know how that's going next time!


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  1. That cat tilting her head at the computer screen is a riot. They are so cute.


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