Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Too Tired

A Short Note

It's sad but I'm too tired to post much after watching the kids all day. I know it's because I'm stressed about moving the horses on Saturday and out of patience! I think everything will go well but I've been dealing with Echo's abscess which took forever to go away, taking a mountain of stuff to the new barn and this horrible heat and humidity! Of course it turns out that Saturday (moving day) is going to be 90 degrees! No air conditioning in the trailer! The farrier comes tomorrow and I get my hair cut on Friday. I don't think I should make a decision on a new style this time or I might just have her shave my head!!!!

I think this is really cute and I have had my hair this short before. The trouble is at my age, I wouldn't exactly look like this : ((



  1. That's because you would look better! I'm sporting a layered stack which is very short in the back. It helps me cope with this oppressive heat!

    I'm sure everything will go smoothly Saturday. La

  2. You will make it through! Just like the rest of us. Humidity absolutely melts me and takes a good deal of joy out of my day - it will be much hotter tomorrow, I'm told. Weather does change, and soon things will be 'normal' again - whatever THAT is?

  3. Go for it! You'll look beautiful and you can wash and blow, then go...great for "tired gals" with horses....

  4. Hi Shirley, I agree with the other comments, go for it with you hair, I'm sure you will look lovely. I'll think of you on Saturday and hope it all goes well. Jane xx


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