Friday, August 27, 2010

More Pastoral Photos!

New Soft Focus Lens?

No, it's arena dust on my iPhone lens!!
But it still looks peaceful doesn't it?!!

This was right before Satire got a bunch of burrs in his tail!

Beautiful country scenes!
Sunday we are introducing two herds. Well, the paint horse, Cody, the head honcho from Carol's herd of a pony and a mini. It may be interesting but hopefully will go well. The pony and mini will be in a pasture of their own; not with the big horses.


  1. Beautiful pictures Shirley well done. It's the burr in the tail club want to join?

  2. Oh my, what breathtaking country photographs, so serene and peaceful. I would love to be there to take in the beauty in person!


  3. They look like they settled in nicely. I look forward to seeing how the integration goes. Have a lovely weekend! La


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