Thursday, October 31, 2013

My New iMac

Last week, I finally got my new big computer.
I've been putting it off for a couple years but my old Mac was getting painfully slow because it was so full!  After all it has almost 18,000 photos and movies in iPhoto and iMovie!
This new one is a big 27" screen and 3 Terabytes!!  
I'm hoping to not run out of space again but then that's what I always think!
After the nice computer gurus in the Apple Store transferred everything onto my new computer, they wiped my old one clean and returned it to factory settings.  I'm going to give that one to my son which will be a step up from what he has.
Ava, my grand-daughter already gets homework on-line!!  And she's only in first grade!!

Here I am waiting for the rest of the up-grades to finish.

I've always had Macs ever since the very first ones!! 
I would never think of getting a PC!!!!
Love my Apple products!
They took away a couple things I liked when they moved to System 7.
(They should've asked me!!)
I'm hoping when they do an up-grade they'll fix that!
The new iPhone and iPad are great!
I'm 71 and have always loved the whole computer thing.
I can never understand people that have never learned.
How on earth do they communicate!
Don't get me wrong, I still talk to people and socialize but most everything else is done on-line!
I'd be lost without emails and FB!
I love having my animals and my chickens for eggs and growing my own food but I'd sure hate to have to not be in this computer age.

Thinking back, before my first little tiny Mac, I had an Atari!!!!!!
Wow, I'm old!!



  1. I don't store photos on my computer....everything goes on a stand alone drive...very efficient!...:)JP

  2. wow do I love that new computer, it is big and perfect, I would love lthat and I do agree with you, why on earth wouldn't you want to learn and get with it,,,sometimes I think their relatives and children could teach them but they don't want to be bothered and so they instill how hard it is and it would be too difficult for them to sad because it could open up a whole new world for anyone...


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