Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Echo, Echo, Echo!

You scared me!

Fall vaccines were given yesterday morning.
I got a call about 2pm that Echo was laying down and just didn't feel good at all.
He had colic one other time with spring shots.
This time it turned out to be more mild as he wasn't sweating as badly but respirations were high.
I called the vet to meet me out at the barn and she actually beat me out there.
(It takes me 15-20 minutes to drive to the barn.)
Sarah had already given him a dose of oral Banamin but when that sort of was wearing off he got uncomfortable again.  So the vet said we should just tube him and give him the oil to get his gut going.
He got a sedation and took the tube and oil pretty well.  We put him out in the little courtyard behind the barn for him to eat hay which he happily did with Preacher.
I stayed till about 7pm and he seemed like he was doing good.
Thank God.

Today I went out to check on him and he's acting like nothing was ever wrong.
Such a relief.
It really helps when the people that are at this barn watch the horses so carefully and this was caught so early.
Thank you Sarah, Andy and Stephanie and of course Dr. Gebhart who is with me though all my horses and my dogs!!

There he is out today feeling just fine!

Don't scare me like that Echo!!!!



  1. Your experience scared my too, Shirley...he is so darn striking!...:)JP

  2. He is where the staff and owners notice any little deviation from his routine!

    1. That's for sure and it makes all the difference!

  3. Any Colic scares us after what we went through with Satire. I will say it is such a good feeling to be at such a GREAT barn!


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