Saturday, October 5, 2013

Ava's First Horsey Lesson!!

Ava, my grand-daughter, had her first lesson at the barn with Stephanie Brown.
Ava came all dressed in her new jeans and her new cowgirl boots.
The first lesson was on helmets, safety around horses and safety around the barn.  She learned how to get a horse from his stall, halter him and put him back in his stall afterwards.  She also learned how to pick the horses hooves.  Preacher is a very good horse with the little ones.  He was a 4-H horse before I got him 10 years ago.
Next week she gets to ride and is super excited!!

New cowgirl boots with sparkles on the front. . . of course!

I'm going to love seeing her progress every week with the wonderful teachers at this barn!

Nanna  : ))


  1. Love her great boots for her riding, I bet she is loving the riding, I sure would....Phyllis

  2. Love This!!1 Go Ava!!!


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