Thursday, October 31, 2013

Indoor Trail Contest

Last weekend was the
2nd Annual Trick-or-Treat Tail Contest
at the barn.
Last year I rode Preacher and I think we came in dead LAST!
We did rear, which was exciting . . .
But . . . we choked!
It's a timed event.  Best times win.
This year because he is semi-retired and I hurt my back, we did the contest in-hand.
(There were two different categories;  In- hand or Under Saddle.)
I practiced things with him the month preceding this big event but we could only guess as to what the obstacles would be.  Of course it was different than last year.
This year there were 8 obstacles and 14 contestants!

We were the 6th to "show".
Here we are entering the arena.

Preacher and me.  Doesn't he look excited!

Waiting for the "go"

After pressing the stop watch on the wall, the first obstacle was a wooden, tipping bridge with water on both sides.

He did pretty good.
 Then we had to head to the back.  We had to pass on one that he wouldn't complete but he ran through the tunnels along the back wall which had other hanging tarps inside plus tarps to walk on and a mattress to walk across.  No problem for him.
He trotted through that hanging shower curtain and went through the "noodle gate" without a hitch.
There were scary things all around the course that made noises also!

Here I picked up a long rope and dragged a log behind us while we walked over the logs.
He did good.

We had to pass on that big tire in the back.  He was supposed to put both front feet up on it.
No way!  It was HIGH!
Each obstacle you pass, costs you a 30 second penalty.

OK, here was the one obstacle that we had practiced all month.  (Well, a few times anyway.)
Backing through the double L.
He had done it many times but I guess we aren't good under pressure.  : ))
Finally had to pass  : (((

Here was an apple hanging on a rope which he (or I ) had to take a bite out of.
No hands.
He tried and tried but I ended up trapping it against his jaw and taking a bite myself.

A race to the stop watch!
Come-on Preacher!!
Our time wasn't good after 3 penalties but we weren't last!!

A group of young girls with Hafflingers came and sort of kicked our butts!
Those youngsters have no fear!

Here's the winners.
 My girl friend, Ellen won the in-hand with her little mini named Jelly Bean.
I didn't know the girl who won under saddle but she and her Hafflinger were really fast!

Only a few horses would brave the big tire.
Here is one over-achiever who got all the way up!
It was a really fun day and I'm sure there will be a 3rd Annual next year.


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