Friday, November 8, 2013

A Quick Crockpot Rave

I found a great crockpot recipe and made it the other day.  It's one of the best chicken ones I've tried.
It doesn't even taste like it was made in a crockpot.  You know some of the recipes get to tasting the same.  Especially with chicken and if it involves canned soup.
This has soup in it but also sour cream and stuffing!
I'm telling you, it's delicious!  Go see: 

It starts out saying "There's nothing about this I don't like!"

The only thing I changed was instead of chicken breasts, I used chicken thighs which I think are better for this.  (more moist)
Sorry I didn't take any photos when I was making it.
but the original site where it came from has pictures.
Hope you'll try it.


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  1. The Pres and I like thighs in certain dishes too, Shirley. We bake them up with sweet potatoes, peas, onions and a few white potatoes all cut up...cover w/ foil and bake until done!!!!...:)JP


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