Thursday, November 28, 2013

More About Dexter

Dexter, my foster pointer went to the vet for his exam and neutering, vaccines and microchip.
His house training is coming along nicely.
The neutering definitely helped with the "marking".
He has a great personality and is good with all people and kids.
He likes Monk and they get along fine.
He just wants to chase the cat so far and Ellie won't have any of it so she growls, spits, strikes and does everything else to make herself like a wild cat!  This just made Dexter want to chase her more and bark.
So we have to work on the cat thing!
Here's some more recent photos.

Yes, he learned about the couch very quickly!

He's a counter surfer!

And a pillow de-stuffer!

Just looking around.

One of his new toys.

And yes, I've told PRO to send me the adoption papers!!
I guess I'm not too good at the fostering thing!!
But I just love this guy's personality and he will keep me exercising!!


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