Saturday, November 9, 2013

Ava's 4th Riding Lesson

Today was my grand-daughter's 4th riding lesson at our barn.
She begins by going to get him from his stall after she puts her helmet on.
Of course Stephanie is with her the whole time.
Then she grooms him and helps get him saddled up.
She is learning all the names of everything.
Preacher is calm and patient and gentle.

She got to jog today for the first time.  She giggles and loves it.
I'm praying that she continues with her weekly lessons.

Here's a little video of her jogging.
(I forgot to turn lights on so video is a little dark)


I wish I could've started lessons at 6 years old!!!



  1. Hi lovely lady'
    Wow your Grand-Daughters 4th time riding this is great!! and Preacher is nice and calm for her also ,Shirley I could see this is the Video hoping you and your family have a wonderful weekend. Come see me if you can.

  2. Yay!!! GO Ava!!! That is my niece!

  3. Oh how I wish my grand daughters could take lessons!...:)JP


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