Monday, April 18, 2011


Last week I watched a program on TNT on Wednesdays called "Extreme Couponing". It just floored me how these women could save so much money! Now these ladies I think ARE a little (?) extreme as they have stockpiles in there houses that they could live on for probably three years and it's taking over some of their houses! However, there was one girl that really impressed me. She doesn't really stockpile much but has a wonderful blog about how to save a bundle with coupons. She has wonderful ideas and besides that she is cute as a button and is so full of energy! Stop in and see her blog.
Every Monday she does a video and they are all a hoot.
Today was my first day of "sort of" serious couponing. I went to K-mart, Target and then Giant Eagle (for their double coupons). I got lots of groceries and some other things. Nothing that I didn't need. I got about $150. worth of stuff for about $100. I SAVED $50!!!!!! Why haven't I done this all my life!! I could be rich!!! And once I get more coupons and get organized, it will only get better!!!
Seriously, go see her site and watch her YouTube videos, you'll like them.


  1. Thanks! I have never been a good couponer (is that a word?) With the economy the way it is and gas prices driving everything else up, I need to master this art.

  2. I LOVE COUPONING!! Especially when you start getting free stuff!! XXOO, Damaris

  3. We do ad matches and shop at Kroger with the card. We save hundreds of dollars a year at Kroger alone and it is printed on the receipt everytime you go.
    Been missing you- your blog hasn't been showing up on my sidebar lately. I took you off and put you back on, so hope it will be working now.
    Hugs- Tete


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