Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Dreaded Dentist

I have to tell you that I have been frightened of going to the dentist my entire life. I can't really put my finger on any one incident that made me avoid them at all costs but I still do. I have to say though about 5 years ago I found a great woman dentist that is the closest one to being non-threatening to me. Now, that doesn't mean I'm still not afraid to go! Today was one of those times I had to go though as I had a really bad tooth. I knew it had to come out. So I took a calm-down pill and off I went at 10am. Yes, it had to come out however it broke off at the crown and she had to "dig" the root out! The noise was terrible but I was numbed so well, I felt nothing! I'm glad it's out. I'm a little sore but Nuprin is working fine. One little problem is that there is a little opening into my sinuses which causes this funny feeling of air going back and forth every once in awhile. I called the dentist and told her. It happens once in awhile and should heal closed on its own and if it doesn't she can stitch it. (Yet another trip in to the DENTIST!) Well, I'm on antibiotics so hopefully everything will be fine. I'm glad this day is over! Is anybody else out there scared of the dentist?? Common, it can't just be me!!!!!
Tomorrow I have my grandkids! Hope they're good!


  1. hi Shirley,
    It's really funny that you just wrote this, because I too will be headed to the dreaded dentist in the morning. I'm getting slightly better, but I still feel like a big ol' baby every time I have to go! I think for me, it's because I grew up in the 70's, when dentistry wasn't so painless and the dentist was not so patient either! Glad you survived your treatment today - think of me tomorrow morning - I'll be in that stinkin' chair! -diane

  2. I also hate going to the dentist only I do because it's a necessary evil. I figure if I go every four months like they recommend maybe I will only have to undergo a cleaning and occasional xrays. So far it has worked. Oh, I have had my share of fillings, root canals, and crowns but luckily I have been able to keep my teeth in pretty good shape and hopefully they will make it as long as I do. I hope your discomfort goes away soon. Enjoy the grandkids today.

  3. It's NOT just you. You have no idea... I hate the dentist for myself and silly as it is was so excited when my daughters got old enough to go alone because I don't even like the waiting room

    What in the world it is, I do not know.

    Anyway, I hope your sinus air whistle heals on its own and you do NOT need a return trip. I am glad, though, that you found a sweet dentist to use.

  4. Do you know what a friend of ours did? He told his children that if they were naughty then they *wouldn't* be able to go to the dentist. And they all LOVE it there!! Isn't that funny?!!

    I rather like it there too. Any time I spend lying down is time well spent, in my book!!!


  5. Do you know what a friend of ours did? He told his children that if they were naughty then they *wouldn't* be able to go to the dentist. And they all LOVE it there!! Isn't that funny?!!

    I rather like it there too. Any time I spend lying down is time well spent, in my book!!!


  6. Oh I am so sorry you had to go through something that scares you. Praying for quick healing for you and no pain.
    I am not afraid of the dentist and never have been except for one thing that I still haven't been able to do.
    I always fell asleep in the dentist chair, but I went most of my life with only a few cavities. So there was never anything to really fear. They would wake me when they were done- LOL.
    Then, we deiscovered I had peradontal gum disease like my dad. The teeth were excellent and should have lasted my whole life, but the gums were shrinking and everyone of my front teeth were fractured from an accident when I was 7. Betweem the 2, it allowed bacteria in my gums, my jaws, my ears, all the way down in my chest, both breast, arm pits - chest wall, muslce and bone.
    It took me 8 years and 3 dentists to get them pulled.
    2 couldn't be numbed because of all the infection and I had been on antibiotics 10 months out of 12. Those 2 I just grabbed ahold of the arms of the chair and hung on until he got them out. I had several break off that looked sound in the xrays. Every single one of my teeth were abcessed and I spent years going back and forth from doctors to dentists and even had boob cancer doctors involed. It does sound terrible. Your jaw will be sore a few days from all the prying too- keep up with the pain killers. After 2 days you can use heat on it, too.
    I had to wait 4 months to get my teeth- so I went in and it was the worst thing ever- I have a small mouth- between a child and adult tray and the smallest they had touched the back of my throat. I gagged and almost threw up all over everybody. I was litterally fighting my dentist to get it out of there and he was so good- he held on and kept counting down and telling me to breath through my mouth. I was sitting on the side of my chair bent over with my head almost touching the floor. He kept telling me that I would never have to do it again. I had no problems getting a whole mouth full of teeth pulled at the dentist, not being put to sleep and I would rather have 3 sets pulled than to do that again.
    But, 2 days after that, he called and said we were going to have to do it again. The girl in the office had messed up my molds. I told him it wasn't happening again. They would have to knock me out.
    That was 9 years ago- and my sweet dentist, the only one who ever pulled any of my teeth, the one I trusted, died 2 years ago. I still haven't gotten my teeth. I have bought food processors- it seems easier to me. I don't miss them at all. They were killing me and only one man listened to me and finally started pulling.
    Are you the only one who is chicken- bawk no!

  7. Oh My Tete, now I feel like a big chicken!! You are very brave!!!!


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