Thursday, April 14, 2011


I'm linking this little post with "Show and Tell Friday" at My Romantic Home which you can find here:

A long time ago, I think like 10 years, I grew some wonderful big gourds. They grew all over the top of a dog pen next to the garage. They hung into the pen and it was like a wonderland! I wish I could find those pictures! It was a whole lot of work to get them to this point. They had to dry, then the holes cut and seeds removed then you have to scrub them hard to get the outer coating off. Finally you get something you can paint on. I made several bird houses. I sold some, and gave some away but this was my favorite and I still have it.

My mantle clock and some little resin birds.

I love decorating books and have a lot of them. I love having a mantle now that I can change often.


  1. Wow, that gourd is amazing! I've never seen anything like that before! How very cool that you painted it!

    Your little birds are so darling:)

  2. Beautiful job on that gourd. We saw some lovely and whimsical ones one time on vacation, and I've always regretted not buying one. It's so neat that you have a bird house not only painted and decorated by you but home grown as well. How many folks can say that?

  3. During your "painting phase" you did so many wonderful paintings. I would think it would be very relaxing. Why don't you give it a try again ??

  4. Hi Shirley. I always enjoy stopping by your blog. Always interesting things to see. Today I saw some familiar things--I have the same cardinals, the same brown chair, and the same blue plate on your mantel! But that makes sense as we bloggers tend to have a lot in common, including our taste in things! Have a good week,

    dotsie (podso)

    Was just in your old stomping grounds--anna Marie


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