Thursday, April 7, 2011

Girl Scout Goulash

This is about as plain and simple as you get. Maybe a recipe for the kids lunch.
I remember this from when I was either a Brownie or a Girl Scout, at a cookout at the zoo!
I remember this but I can't remember yesterday! Oh My, I think that means I'm old : {
Anyway, you brown onion and bacon in a pot. Preferably on an open fire but a stove will do.

Now, the kind of canned spaghetti that you're supposed to use is Franco American but I couldn't find it anywhere. Are they still in business?? I really think it did make a difference in the taste. Of course it could've been that this wasn't made over an open camp fire and I'm not 8 years old!! Do ya think??

Mix spaghetti with the onions and bacon and thats it folks.

It gives it a much better flavor than just the plan canned stuff.
Hey, I said it wasn't fancy!!!

I'm placing my little lame recipe on "Foodie Friday"; sorry Michael! I'm sure if you visit there you'll find some really good things!!


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  1. This brings back memories of the Brownie & Girl Scout days ... kids will love this easy to-do-meal.

    Have a beautiful weekend.
    TTFN ~

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