Monday, August 15, 2011

Echo's Visitors

I haven't had a chance to blog this week because my sister is visiting and we have shopping to do!!!!!!
Last week she came, along with her daughter Julie, her grand daughter, Morgan and Morgan's boyfriend, Paul. They all came to visit Echo.
My niece Julie was Echo's first mommy after he was born and she gave him to me when he was under 2 years old.
Here is Julie on Echo.

That's me making sure everyone stays on top the horse!

Paul. He had never ridden and was very good!

Echo's favorite game with the ball.

This is Morgan, She's 14 now. She's taken riding lessons before.

Echo behaved himself very well.
It was probably good it was very hot and he had no energy!
By the end of the rides, he just wanted to go back to his stall and stand in front of his fan!
These photos were taken by a couple different people with Julie's camera.


  1. I love that last shot the very best.

  2. Nothing like a sincere hug after a hard day's work...right Echo?...:)JP


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