Tuesday, June 2, 2009

After a Rain

Everything smells so fresh and is that wonderful spring green. I don't use the picnic table much except to sit down a few minutes at. Since my husband died, I don't get much company for meals. Actually my dog Rocky thinks it's a great vantage point as he stands on top of the table. The ice cream set we got a long time ago when we had an antique shop. I don't remember if I got it at an auction or an estate sale but it's a winner! I gave it to my parents as a gift one Christmas for their screened in porch. I was just thinking back about having suppers out there at their house years ago on this table and chairs. When they passed away, I got the set back. I do use it quite a bit even if it's just me having a cup of coffee in the summer. My husband's best friend, Steve, built the low deck for us. I've got to buy some new cushions this year for a couple other outside chairs I have. They've really gone up in price this year. They are about $30. each even at Walmart!


  1. Hi there. So glad you have come by my site. I hope to see you there often with comments too. I talk a lot and I post a lot.
    I love your style of decorating. It is right up my alley. I tole paint and try to find the time to get all the pieces done that I want in my home.
    The library mantle is fabulous.

  2. Thanks for coming by my site....hope you drop by more often!

    What a simply breathtaking view you have...I could just picture myself there! Simply fantastic....and your decorating style....oh my. It is splendid!

  3. Shirely, I have passed on the "Lovely Blog Award" to you. If you come by my site you can take a copy of this award and post it on your site. Then you can pass this award forward to some other "Lovely Blog". Let me know if you need any help with this.

  4. Apparently a bit of red wine has destroyed my ability to spell the word Shirley. So sorry.

  5. Hi I came by from Lori's blog. You have a lovely blog here and the pictures of your home and the gaarden are just lovely. Good luck with the blogging, hope you enjoy it and stick at it.


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