Friday, June 26, 2009

The Promise of the Garden

So here is my garden today 6/26. It's progressing nicely. I know only you vegetable gardeners will be much interested in this blog but I think a nice kept veggie garden is as pretty as a flower bed!

This is lettuce and down from it is spinach. I can hardly eat enough salads to keep up with this!

These are my potatoes! Two rows. One of red potatoes and one of yukon gold. When the plant starts to die back in the fall, that's when you dig down and get all the potatoes. Lots of them!! It's like digging for treasures.

These are the flowers of the potato plant. I think they're really pretty.

Carrots. They took the longest to come up. Obviously I don't have many rabbits around.

Beets. Aren't they pretty. You can use the greens in salads when they're young. I should thin them out more but I just hate doing that!

Green beans in the foreground.

The little zucchinis are growing fast. I have two plants of zucchini and two of acorn squash.

A little baby acorn squash.

And yes, there they are, the first little tomatoes. Aren't they cute! I have 4 plants. Two big tomatoes and two little "sweet 100's".
Well that's the progression of my garden. It was planted May 17th. So in just 6 weeks it went from dirt to this. Pretty amazing yes? Another miracle that we overlook.
Have a nice weekend bloggers.
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  1. I think vegetable gardens are really beautiful. I like how neat and tidy yours is with the mulch between the rows. Nothing tastes better than what you grow yourself.


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