Sunday, June 14, 2009

Progress Report on my Garden

This photo was taken on June 9th. Things are taking off pretty well. Yesterday we had the first "crop" from the garden. I went out in the rain and cut enough salad greens for supper for my sister and I. I made a big salad of bib lettuce, spinach and baby beet greens then braised some chicken strips that I had marinated in red wine vinaigrette. It was really good. My squash all have big blossoms on them. (zucchini and acorn) Have to get the tomato cages out and around the plants before they get much bigger. The rain made things really grow fast!


  1. Yours is way ahead of my 'little' garden ... looks great! TTFN ~Marydon

  2. Looking good. I planted all heirloom tomatoes this year and they are mostly in pots due the overgrown trees around my house now. Sunshine or the lack thereof is becoming an issue.
    Nothing tastes as good as food from your own little plot of land.

  3. Hi Shirley!
    Your garden i looking great! I have to protect mine from the deer, it's a battle!
    I am sorry about your husband. My mom was widowed at 49, and I know it was very lonely for her. She never complained, just kept going..but I know she didn't like being alone.
    So my prayers to you for strength and happiness.
    LOL your dining room set..very colorful!
    Went to college in Ohio, but I haven't been back since.


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